Getting started

This document assumes that a tester has read the SPEC Cloud IaaS 2016 Benchmark design and run rules documents.

Obtaining the Kit

The SPEC Cloud IaaS 2016 Benchmark kit is available as a zip file. Please see the order page for more details.

In the machine where benchmark harness will be set up, change to the home directory:

cd ~/

Upload the kit zip file in the home directory of this machine.

Unzip in your home directory:

unzip spec_cloud_iaas_2016*.zip

The directory contains CBTOOL, baseline and elasticity drivers and report generators, as well as HiBench and YCSB workloads. The directory also includes the Cassandra (2.1.11) and Hadoop (2.7.1) source code and packages (deb/rpm) for the versions . The tester must use the version of CBTOOL that ships with the kit for a compliant run. The tester must also use the version of Cassandra and Hadoop packages or source code that ships with the kit.

Some quick links:

Setup benchmark harness, including CBTOOL, in a virtual machine (VM)

Configure CBTOOL with an OpenStack cloud

Run the benchmark with a simulated cloud

Prepare workload images

Upload images, launch a virtual machine and an application instance

Set up benchmark parameters

Run baseline phase for the first time

Run elasticity + scalability phase for the first time

Compliant run

Submit results

Workload Images

The tester needs to build images from scratch for their cloud. The instructions for building images for various clouds are described in later sections.

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