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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPEC CPU2000 Benchmark Description File

Benchmark Name


Benchmark Author

Brian E. Paul

Benchmark Program General Category

3-D graphics library

Benchmark Description

Mesa is a free OpenGL work-alike library. Since it supports a generic frame buffer it can be configured to have no OS or window system dependencies. Any number of client programs can be written to stress FP, scalar or memory performance (or a mix). Output can be written to image files for verification.

Input Description

The input data is a 2D scalar field. The scalar data is mapped to height, creating a 3D object with explicit vertex normals. Contour lines are mapped onto the object as a 1D texture.

Output Description

A 2D image file in PNG (pronounced "ping") format.

Programming Language


Known portability issues



Last updated: 10 November 1999