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SPEC CPU2000 Benchmark Description File

Benchmark Name


Benchmark Authors

David R. O'Hallaron and Loukas F. Kallivokas

Benchmark Program General Category

Simulation of seismic wave propagation in large basins

Benchmark Description

The program simulates the propagation of elastic waves in large, highly heterogeneous valleys, such as California's San Fernando Valley, or the Greater Los Angeles Basin. The goal is to recover the time history of the ground motion everywhere within the valley due to a specific seismic event. Computations are performed on an unstructured mesh that locally resolves wavelengths, using a finite element method.

Input Description

The input data comprises the unstructured grid topology, i.e., number of nodes, number of tetrahedral elements, node coordinates, and element connectivity, the seismic event characteristics, i.e. duration and seismic source specifics, material properties, and the structure of the sparse system matrix. The underlying reference problem is the simulation of 1994 Northridge Earthquake aftershock in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California.

Output Description

The output file contains a case summary with seismic source data and reports the motion (displacements) at both the hypocenter and epicenter of the earthquake for a predetermined number of simulation timesteps. The output file format is ASCII.

Programming Language


Known portability issues



H. Bao, J. Bielak, O. Ghattas, L. F. Kallivokas, D. R. O'Hallaron, J. R. Shewchuk, J. Xu, "Large-scale simulation of elastic wave propagation in heterogeneous media on parallel computers," Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 152(1-2), 85-102, 1998

Last Updated: 13 October 1999