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SPEC CPU2000 Benchmark Description File

Benchmark Name


Benchmark Author

Ernst Mayer

Benchmark Program General Category

Number theory: primality testing

Benchmark Description

Performs the Lucas-Lehmer test to check primality of Mersenne numbers 2^p-1, using arbitrary-precision (array-integer) arithmetic. Accomplishes the Mersenne-mod squaring via the discrete weighted transform technique of Crandall and Fagin (Math. Comp. 62 (205), pp.305-324, January 1994). Uses a data-local, cache-friendly FFT to efficiently perform the large-integer squaring of the Lucas-Lehmer iterations.

Input Description

Attempt to prove the primality of a large number.

Output Description

The proof (or disproof) is not completed in the time allotted for the benchmark. Therefore, a hex residue is provided to verify that the algorithm is on track towards the proof (or disproof).

Programming Language


Known portability issues



  • Author's homepage
  • (or F24.pdf) - A manuscript describing algorithms similar to those in lucas. In PostScript or PDF.

Last Updated: 14 Decmber 1999