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SPEC CPU2000 Benchmark Description File

Benchmark Name


Benchmark Author

Zaphiris D. Christidis, IBM Yorktown Heights

Benchmark Program General Category

Weather Prediction

Benchmark Description

Program to solve for the mesoscale and synoptic variations of potential temperature, U AND V wind components, and the mesoscale vertical velocity W pressure and distribution of pollutants C having sources Q. The synoptic scale components are in quassi-steady state balance, while the mesoscale pressure and velocity W are found diagnostically.

The solution of the complete system is performed by using the splitting-up method. In specific the horizontal advection is carried out by an explicit leapfrog scheme, the horizontal diffusion is performed by the method of the eigenvalues, or equvalently by vertical multiplying the fourier coefficients by appropriate exponentials. The vertical diffusion is treated with a semi-implicit pade-crank-nickolson, as well as the vertical advection. The pressure derivative terms are treated with the so-called pressure averaging technique. Finally other terms will be dubbed in the advection part (coriolis). The model calculates prognostically the the potential temperature, U,V wind components and concentrations of pollutants C (POTT,UX,VY,C). The pressure and the vertical velocity will be calculated diagnostically (PRES,WZ). The diffusivities are also calculated diagnostically using information on UX,VY, POTT.

Input Description

It reads a 112x112x112 area array of data and iterates over 70 timesteps.

Output Description

It prints the diagonal elements of the velocity field.

Programming Language


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Last Updated: 16 August 2000