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Fujitsu Siemens Computers
SPECint2000 = 342    
SPECint_base2000 = 310    
SPEC license # 22 Tested by: Fujitsu Limited Test date: Feb-2001 Hardware Avail: Apr-2001 Software Avail: Apr-2001
Benchmark Reference
Runtime Ratio Graph Scale
164.gzip 1400 454    308     454    308     164.gzip base result bar (308)
164.gzip peak result bar (308)
175.vpr 1400 494    283     469    299     175.vpr base result bar (283)
175.vpr peak result bar (299)
176.gcc 1100 478    230     348    316     176.gcc base result bar (230)
176.gcc peak result bar (316)
181.mcf 1800 622    289     511    352     181.mcf base result bar (289)
181.mcf peak result bar (352)
186.crafty 1000 294    340     269    372     186.crafty base result bar (340)
186.crafty peak result bar (372)
197.parser 1800 564    319     560    321     197.parser base result bar (319)
197.parser peak result bar (321)
252.eon 1300 374    348     340    382     252.eon base result bar (348)
252.eon peak result bar (382)
253.perlbmk 1800 505    356     483    373     253.perlbmk base result bar (356)
253.perlbmk peak result bar (373)
254.gap 1100 519    212     519    212     254.gap base result bar (212)
254.gap peak result bar (212)
255.vortex 1900 387    491     383    496     255.vortex base result bar (491)
255.vortex peak result bar (496)
256.bzip2 1500 477    315     468    320     256.bzip2 base result bar (315)
256.bzip2 peak result bar (320)
300.twolf 3000 989    303     688    436     300.twolf base result bar (303)
300.twolf peak result bar (436)
SPECint_base2000 310      
  SPECint2000 342      

Hardware Vendor: Fujitsu Siemens Computers
Model Name: PRIMEPOWER200 (500MHz)
CPU MHz: 501
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 1 core, 1 chip, 1 core/chip
CPU(s) orderable: 1 to 2
Parallel: None
Primary Cache: 128KBI+128KBD on chip
Secondary Cache: 4MB(I+D) off chip, per CPU
L3 Cache: None
Other Cache: None
Memory: 2048MB
Disk Subsystem: 1 x 36.4GB SCSI (10025rpm)
Other Hardware: Ethernet
Operating System: Solaris 8
Compiler: Fujitsu Parallelnavi 1.0.1
Sun Forte Developer 6 update 1
File System: ufs
System State: single user
Notes / Tuning Information
Baseline (except 252.eon, for Parallelnavi 1.0.1): -Kfast_GP=3,largepage
 fdo_pre0=rm -rf `pwd`/*.fbk
(252.eon, for Forte Developer 6 update 1): -fast -xcrossfile -xarch=v8plus
 fdo_pre0=rm -rf `pwd`/../feedback.profile `pwd`/SunWS_cache

Peak (for Parallelnavi 1.0.1):
 fdo_pre0=rm -rf `pwd`/*.fbk
 164.gzip: -Kfast_GP=3,largepage
 175.vpr: -Kfast_GP=4,staticclump,memalias,switchopt,cond,GREG,nounroll,largepage,onefile,NOFLTLD=3,xi=30
 181.mcf: -Kfast_GP=2,nounroll,memalias,restp,prefetch=4,largepage -x-
 186.crafty: -Kfast_GP=3,switchopt,cond,noiopt,staticclump,xi=6,memalias,largepage
 197.parser: -Kfast_GP=3,switchopt,cond,staticclump,use_rodata,largepage,funcalign=128
 253.perlbmk: -Kfast_GP=3,memalias,switchopt,largepage,bcopy
 254.gap: -Kfast_GP=3,largepage
 256.bzip2: Kfast_GP=3,NOFLTLD=1,use_rodata,staticclump,xi=8,cfunc,memalias,restp,largepage,funcalign=128
 300.twolf: -Kfast_GP=5,GREG,popt,cfunc,staticclump,use_rodata,xi=10,nounroll,largepage,bcopy
(for Forte Developer 6 update 1)
 fdo_pre0=rm -rf `pwd`/../feedback.profile `pwd`/SunWS_cache
 176.gcc: -fast -xcrossfile -W2,-whole -Wc,-Qgsched-trace_late=1,-Qgsched-T4,-Qiselect-funcalign=64
          -xarch=v8plus -xprefetch
 252.eon: -fast -xcrossfile -xregs=syst -xsafe=mem -Qoption iropt -Mt500,-restrict_g,-restrict
          -Qoption cg -Qgsched-trace_late=1,-Qgsched-trace_spec_load=1,-Qgsched-T4 -xarch=v8plus
 255.vortex: -fast -xsafe=mem -xcrossfile -W2,-Aheap,-reroll=1,-Aunroll,-Ms1,-Mt500,-Mr6000,-crit
             -Wc,-Qdepgraph-early_cross_call=1 -Wc,-Qiselect-funcalign=32 -Wc,-Qpeep-Sh0
             -xrestrict -xdepend -Wc,-Qgsched-trace_late=1,-Qgsched-T4 -xarch=v8plus

 176.gcc: -Dalloca=__builtin_alloca -DHOST_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN
 186.crafty: -DSUN 
 252.eon: -library=iostream,no%Cstd
 253.perlbmk: -DSPEC_CPU2000_SOLARIS -lnsl -lsocket

 System Tunables: (for /etc/system)
  consistent_coloring=1, tune_t_fsflushr=86400, autoup=86400,
  shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=268435456, shmsys:shminfo_shmmni=1024, shmsys:shminfo_shmseg=1024
 (for /etc/opt/FJSVpnrm/lpg.conf)
 ONESTEP=yes was set for all baseline and peak benchmarks.
 Feedback directed optimization was used for all baseline and peak benchmarks.

Also used:
 -Xa (base and peak, except where noted) for 176.gcc (base only), 181.mcf, 186.crafty, 197.parser (peak only), 254.gap
 -dy (base) for all benchmarks except 252.eon, -dy (peak) for all except 176.gcc, 252.eon, 255. vortex
 -DWANT_STD_PROTO for 181.mcf (base and peak), -DCPU2000 for 186.crafty (base and peak),
 -DSUN -DCPU2000 for 197.parser (peak)
The flags listed above as "also used" were used for the actual compilation,
but they had no effect (-D flags), were the compiler's default (-Xa), or the compiler's
default when -Klargepage is used (-dy).
They are not necessary for result reproduction and can be omitted.

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