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Sun Microsystems
Sun Fire X4200
SPECfp2000 = 2471     
SPECfp_base2000 = 2223     
SPEC license # 6 Tested by: Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara Test date: Mar-2006 Hardware Avail: May-2006 Software Avail: Jan-2006
Benchmark Reference
Runtime Ratio Graph Scale
168.wupwise 1600 52.3  3060      49.9  3205      168.wupwise base result bar (3060)
168.wupwise peak result bar (3205)
171.swim 3100 65.6  4725      63.2  4904      171.swim base result bar (4725)
171.swim peak result bar (4904)
172.mgrid 1800 92.7  1942      86.7  2075      172.mgrid base result bar (1942)
172.mgrid peak result bar (2075)
173.applu 2100 88.0  2387      79.9  2627      173.applu base result bar (2387)
173.applu peak result bar (2627)
177.mesa 1400 81.5  1718      63.6  2203      177.mesa base result bar (1718)
177.mesa peak result bar (2203)
178.galgel 2900 81.6  3555      57.5  5042      178.galgel base result bar (3555)
178.galgel peak result bar (5042)
179.art 2600 105    2478      99.7  2609      179.art base result bar (2478)
179.art peak result bar (2609)
183.equake 1300 67.4  1929      62.4  2084      183.equake base result bar (1929)
183.equake peak result bar (2084)
187.facerec 1900 60.5  3142      42.3  4490      187.facerec base result bar (3142)
187.facerec peak result bar (4490)
188.ammp 2200 139    1587      137    1600      188.ammp base result bar (1587)
188.ammp peak result bar (1600)
189.lucas 2000 105    1901      105    1901      189.lucas base result bar (1901)
189.lucas peak result bar (1901)
191.fma3d 2100 108    1937      105    1996      191.fma3d base result bar (1937)
191.fma3d peak result bar (1996)
200.sixtrack 1100 129    850     127    865     200.sixtrack base result bar (850)
200.sixtrack peak result bar (865)
301.apsi 2600 110    2356      100    2598      301.apsi base result bar (2356)
301.apsi peak result bar (2598)
SPECfp_base2000 2223       
  SPECfp2000 2471       

Hardware Vendor: Sun Microsystems
Model Name: Sun Fire X4200
CPU: AMD Opteron (TM) 256
CPU MHz: 3000
FPU: Integrated
CPU(s) enabled: 1 core, 1 chip, 1 core/chip
CPU(s) orderable: 1,2 (order by # of chips)
Parallel: No
Primary Cache: 64KBI + 64KBD (on chip) per core
Secondary Cache: 1024KB (I+D) (on chip) per core
L3 Cache: N/A
Other Cache: N/A
Memory: 8GB (4x2GB, PC3200 CL3 DDR ECC Registered SDRAM)
Disk Subsystem: SAS,36GB,10K RPM
Other Hardware: None
Operating System: Solaris 10 1/06
Compiler: Sun Studio 11
File System: ufs
System State: Multi-user
Notes / Tuning Information
Compiler invocation: 
  C: cc
  F90: f90
  F77: f90
FDO:  PASS1= -xprofile=collect:./feedback PASS2= -xprofile=use:./feedback
      fdo_pre0:  rm -rf ./feedback.profile

Floating point base flags:
  F90:   -fast -xipo=2 -xarch=amd64 -xprefetch_level=3 ONESTEP=yes
    C:   -fast -xcrossfile -xalias_level=std -xpagesize=2m ONESTEP=yes
Floating point peak flags:
 ONESTEP=yes for all benchmarks
 168.wupwise:   -fast -xautopar -xpad=common:3969 -xipo=2 -xarch=amd64 -xprefetch_level=3  -xpagesize_heap=2m
 171.swim:      -fast -xpad=common:3969 -xipo=2 -xvector=simd -xprefetch_level=3 -Qoption iropt 
                -Atile:skewp,-Ainline:cs=700 -xarch=amd64 -Qoption ube_ipa -inl_alt 
 172.mgrid:     -fast -xautopar -stackvar -xpad=common:900 -xipo=2 -xarch=amd64 -xprefetch_level=3 
                -xvector -xpagesize=2m -Qoption ld -M,/usr/lib/ld/map.bssalign
 173.applu:     -fast -xautopar -unroll=5 -stackvar -xO4 -xipo=2 -xprefetch_level=3 -xarch=amd64a
                -qoption iropt -Rloop_dist -xpagesize_heap=2m
 177.mesa:      -fast -xautopar -xO4 -xipo=2 -Wd,-iropt-prof -xarch=amd64 -xalias_level=strong -xpagesize=2m +FDO
 178.galgel:   -fast -xcache=64/32/4:1024/64/4 -xcrossfile -xpagesize_heap=2m -xprefetch_level=3 -xvector=simd -xarch=amd64
 179.art:       -fast  -xipo=2 -xprefetch  -xalias_level=strong -xpagesize=2m
 183.equake:    -fast -xipo=2 -xprefetch -xalias_level=strong -xpagesize=2m -lmopt -lm +FDO
 187.facerec:   -fast -xO4 -xipo=2 -xprefetch_level=3 -xpagesize=2m
                RM_SOURCES=cfftb.f90 cffti.f90 cfftf.f90
 188.ammp:      -fast -xcache=64/32/4:1024/64/4 -xO4 -xipo=2 -xarch=amd64a -xalias_level=std -xpagesize_heap=2m -lmopt -lm
 189.lucas:     -fast -Qoption ube_ipa -inl_alt -xipo=2 -xarch=amd64 -xprefetch_level=3
 191.fma3d:     -fast -xcache=64/32/4:1024/64/4 -unroll=5 -fsimple=1 -xipo=2
                -xprefetch_level=3 -xarch=amd64 -xpagesize_heap=2m +FDO
 200.sixtrack:  -fast -xipo=2 -O -xprefetch_level=3 -xarch=amd64 
                -xpagesize_heap=2m -Qoption ld -M,/usr/lib/ld/map.bssalign +FDO
 301.apsi:      -fast -xO4 -xipo=2 -xprefetch_level=3 -xarch=amd64a -xpagesize=2m

 178.galgel:  -fixed 

Shell Environments:
  Stack size set to unlimited via "ulimit -s unlimited"

Kernel Parameters (/etc/system):
System was tested in 1 chips configuration
Default BIOS setting was used 
This result was measured on the Sun Fire X4200.  In addition, 
Sun has submitted the same result for the Sun Fire X4100, which is 
electronically equivalent to the Sun Fire X4200.      

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