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Regarding Availability: Sun Results

The following SPEC CPU2000 results list a Dec-2000 hardware availability date for the Sun Blade 1000 Model 1900 with 900MHz UltraSPARC III:

The Dec-2000 date listed at the SPEC web site is based on statements made by Sun Microsystems to the SPEC CPU subcommittee.

The posting at SPEC's web site disagrees with a Sun Microsystems web page, which as of the date of this writing (12-Dec-2000) lists "volume" availability as "Q1 '01":

SPEC makes no judgment regarding the above disagreement in dates. As described in the article Regarding Availability Dates Listed in CPU2000 Results, there can be variety of reasons for differences in published dates. In case of any question regarding product availability, the reader should always contact the vendor directly for clarification.

Last updated: Jan 2, 2001