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SPECint95 --
SPECint_base95 3.29

Benchmark # and Name Reference Time Base Run Time Base SPEC Ratio Peak Run Time Peak SPEC Ratio
099.go 460010994.19----
124.m88ksim 19005753.31----
126.gcc 17005493.10----
129.compress 18005603.22----
130.li 19006392.97----
132.ijpeg 24005524.35----
134.perl 19007152.66----
147.vortex 27009262.91----
SPECint_base95 3.29
SPECint95 --

Tester Information:
SPEC License #: 5
Tested By: Motorola, Urbana, Illinois
Test Date: Jan-96
Hardware Avail: Nov-95
Software Avail: Jan-96

Hardware Information:
Model Name: RISC PC 604
CPU: 100 MHz PowerPC 604
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPU(s): 1
Primary Cache: 16KBI+16KBD
Secondary Cache: 256 KB L2
Other Cache: None
Memory: 128MB
Disk Subsystem: 1GB
Other Hardware: --

Software Information:
Operating System: AIX 4.1
Compiler: IBM C Set++ Version 3.1.3
KAP for IBM C Version 1.4
File System: AIX/JFS
System State: init level 1


Baseline Optimizations: 
-O -qarch=ppc -Q=500 -qpdf1/-qpdf2

Portability: 126.gcc: -ma ; 134.perl: -DI_TIME -DI_SYS_TIME

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