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DIGITAL Server 5305 6533A

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SPECint95 16.2
SPECint_base95 15.9

Benchmark # and Name Reference Time Base Run Time Base SPEC Ratio Peak Run Time Peak SPEC Ratio
099.go 460027316.926717.2
124.m88ksim 190012215.612215.6
126.gcc 170010116.910116.9
129.compress 180012015.011715.4
130.li 190013014.612615.0
132.ijpeg 240014516.614316.8
134.perl 190010917.510817.5
147.vortex 270018814.418015.0
SPECint_base95 15.9
SPECint95 16.2

Tester Information:
SPEC License #: 2
Tested By: Digital NH
Test Date: Jan-98
Hardware Avail: Jan-98
Software Avail: Jan-98

Hardware Information:
Model Name: DIGITAL Server 5305 6533A
CPU: 533 MHz 21164
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPU(s): 1
Primary Cache: 8KB(I)+8KB(D) on chip
Secondary Cache: 96KB (I+D) on chip
Other Cache: 4MB (I+D) off chip
Memory: 384MB
Disk Subsystem: RZ29B 4GB
Other Hardware: Ethernet

Software Information:
Operating System: Windows NT V4.0 Server
Compiler: Microsoft Visual C++ V5.0
Spike V1.1
File System: FAT
System State: Default


Compiler: scc    Baseline: -arch:ev56 -Ox *spk
go:-arch:ev56 -Ox  m88ksim,gcc : -arch:ev56 -Ox -Qagq, *spk
compress: -O2 -Gs -arch:ev56 -Ob3
li: -Gs -arch:ev56 *spk with PASS2 -spike_hco -profile_accuracy:low
ijpeg: -Ox -Gs -arch:ev56 *spk with  PASS2 -spike_hco -profile_accuracy:low
perl: -Gy -GF -Oi -arch:ev56 -QAgq *spk with PASS2 -profile_accuracy:low
vortex: -O2 -arch:ev56 -QAgq *spk with PASS2 -spike_hco 

*spk means spike feedback:
PASS1 =  -prof_gen_spike -prof_dir:c:\tmp\prof
PASS2 =  -prof_use_spike -prof_dir:c:\tmp\prof

Portability:  m88ksim: -DLEHOST -DNT getopt.obj li: setargv.obj ijpeg:-DMSDOS
-D__STDC__=0 -DONLY_INT_FIELDS=0 -Dalloca=_alloca -DDeleteFile=unlink

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