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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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The SPEC Symposium 2016 Asia Summit

The third and last installment of the SPEC Symposiumí16 took place in Beijing, China. It was the first SPEC Symposium in Asia, which is considered the world's largest market for vendors and consumers of computer products and services.

SPEC took this excellent opportunity to bring together computing researchers, policy makers, government agencies, industry practitioners and others interested in performance and server efficiency evaluation to learn about SPEC, share ideas, discuss challenges and present results. The Symposium showed an overview of SPEC initiatives across a wide range of performance evaluation areas, and included a more in-depth look at global server efficiency efforts.

SPEC Symposium'16 Program Booklet (pdf)

SPEC Symposium'16    Thursday October 27th

SPEC Symposium'16    Friday October 28th

SPEC Symposium'16    Posters