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Benchmark Results Summary
APC Report Summary (By Vendor), REVISION 20020210
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Larger scores indicate greater speed in benchmark test results. In the cost-per-composite column,
a lower value is better, indicating a higher composite score per dollar spent on the system.

Company / Product1 

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System Config

List Price2 

Test Date

CPU Composite

Graphics Composite

Overall Composite

Cost per Composite



hp workstation x2100 FireGL4 hp S3, 1.2.2078 1024 MB PC800 ECC RDRAM 2.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 $5,020 Jan 2002 4.6001 5.7256 5.3022 $ 947

1. Some product names may be shortened; complete names are included in the individual report pages.
2. Price includes monitor. List and suggested retail prices are provided for information purposes only in this publication, and are subject to change without notice. Contact the vendor directly for specific information.

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