News & Views

New SPEC/GPC, Project Group Officers -- New 1/01
SPEC/GPC applies for trademarks
PLB Project disbands
SPEC/GPC Project Groups Set Publishing Rules, Fees -- Updated 5/99
Benchmarking Breeds Controversy
The Search for Credible Composites

SPECapc Releases Solid Edge V9 Benchmark
SPECapc Releases 3D Studio MAX Benchmark
SPECapc Updates Benchmark for PTC's Pro/ENGINEER 2000i²
SPECapc Demonstrates New Benchmarks for 3D Studio MAX, SolidDesigner, Pro/E 2000i²
SPECapc Group Releases New Unigraphics V15 Benchmark
SPECapc Group Releases New Benchmarks for Pro/ENGINEER 2000i, SolidWorks 99
SPECapc demos new benchmarks
SPECapc Releases Pro/E, SolidWorks 98Plus Benchmarks
SPECapc Pro/E and SolidWorks 98Plus FAQs

SPECmedia update
First SPECmedia Release to Simulate Real Application -- Updated 9/99

SPECopc Updates Viewperf and Viewsets; Adds New Viewset for Mechanical CAD
SPECopc generates widespread reporting
New Run Rules Established for SPECviewperf
SPECopc Retires CDRS Viewset
SPECopc Updates SPECviewperf; Replacing CDRS with ProCDRS Viewset -- Updated 2/99