Picture-Level Benchmark Report
© Copyright 1996, Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

First, you'll find a table showing the single figure of merit numbers for 3D wireframe (PLBwire93) and 3D surface (PLBsurf93) categories, along with a list of the eight standard benchmark files available for graphics performance testing under the Picture-Level Benchmark (PLB). These files are divided into three categories: 3D Wireframe, 3D Surface, and "Other."

"Normalizing Factor" is the scaling factor used to keep numbers from becoming too unwieldy, and the PLBlit and PLBopt columns give the reported PLBmark scores for each test. A section within the PLB overview called "The Method for Reporting Results" contains an explanation of the number reporting system.

Vendor and System Name
Graphics Adapter
Composite PLBmarks
PLBwire93 PLBwire93 score
PLBsurf93 PLBsurf93 score
Benchmark NameNormalizing FactorPLBmarks
3D Wireframe
1. sys_chassisNlitopt
2. race_carNlitopt
3. seafloorNlitopt
3D Surface
4. cyl_headNlitopt
5. headNlitopt
6. shuttleNlitopt
7. studioNlitopt
8. oceantopoNlitopt

Next, you'll find a listing of optimizations for each standard benchmark file for which a PLBopt number is reported.
OptimizationsBenchmark Used
A. Description of first optimizationbenchmark numbers
B. Description of second optimizationbenchmark numbers
C. . . . . . .

This is followed by a description of the system used to achieve the graphics performance results reported on the page, with a section for listing technical notes pertinent to the graphics performance tests.
Graphics Accelerator name Processor Type name Operating System O/S
Total Graphics Memory ## MB Number of CPUs # Window System name
Image Buffer size Floating Point type API name
Overlay/Underlay Buffer size Primary Cache (KB) ## KB API Version id
Depth Buffer size Secondary Cache (KB) ## KB API Vendor name
Stencil Buffer size Memory (MB) ## MB PLB Version id
Accumulation Buffer size Disk (MB) ### MB Driver Version id
Auxiliary Buffer size
Other Buffer size Comments
Display List Memory description Technical notes pertinent to the graphics performance tests.
Texture Memory description
Display Manufacturer/ Model* description -- *Consult vendor literature for actual viewable size of monitor.
Display Resolution width x height
Display Size/Type description
Display Refresh Rate ## Hz
Swap on Vertical Retrace yes/no

Finally, a table gives the price and availability of the system described. "Test Date" refers to the data when the reported performance tests were run. "General Availability" is the vendor's estimate of when the system reported on was made available or will become available.
List Price (as of mm/dd/yy)price
Test Datemm/yy
General Availabilitymm/yy

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