GPC Group Elects New Officers

The GPC Group has unanimously elected the following new officers for one-year terms from February 1997 to February 1998:

Chair -- Bill Licea-Kane, Digital Equipment Corp.
Vice-Chair -- Brian Horton, IBM
Secretary/Treasurer -- Paul Martin, Hewlett-Packard

Licea-Kane replaces Mike Bailey of the San Diego Supercomputing Center as chair. Bailey has served as the GPC Group's chair since late 1993. As a volunteer, he led the Group through several significant developments, including becoming a member of SPEC, the OPC project group becoming a part of the GPC effort, and the transition to on-line publishing on a bimonthly basis. Bailey is an active supporter of the GPC Group's benchmarking efforts, speaking on the subject at national conferences such as SIGGRAPH.

Licea-Kane is the first member of the GPC Group to be elected as chair. He has been active in the GPC Group and its project groups since the GPC's inception in late 1986.

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