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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPECapc for Maya® 2009 was developed in close cooperation with Autodesk, the first independent software vendor to join the SPECapc project group.

SPECapc for Maya 2009 contains a major new workload – an animated toy store scene donated by AMD – as well as upgrades to the workloads found in SPECapc for Maya 6.5. Nearly 40 individual tests are run on five workload models to reflect the processes used to model, animate and render scenes in Autodesk Maya 2009. A particular emphasis is placed on testing performance for large texture sizes and multiple viewports.

Individual test scores are compiled by the benchmark into composite scores for graphics, CPU and I/O performance, then factored into an overall composite score. Composite scores are normalized against a reference system for a "bigger-is-better" measurement. The reference system is configured as follows:

  • Dell Precision Workstation 690
  • 1x (Xeon 5130, 2.0GHz)
  • 4x (1GB DDR2 667)
  • nVidia Quadro FX570
  • Windows XP SP3

SPECapc for Maya 2009 is available currently for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista 32- and 64-bit platforms. Because of the workload changes, results from SPECapc for Maya 2009 cannot be compared to those from previous SPECapc Maya benchmarks. A fully licensed, released version of Maya 2009 SP1a is required to run the benchmark.

Autodesk Maya web site

Take the 1-minute video tour of SPECapc for Maya 2009