Viewperf Information and Results

Light-01 Makes Heavyweight Comeback -- New 11/97
When It Comes to Viewperf, Don't Compare New to Old
How to Use Viewperf -- New 12/97
What's This Thing Called Viewperf? -- Updated 10/97
What the "Weighted Geometric Mean" Means for Viewperf -- Updated 6/97
Viewperf Sample Page
CDRS-03 Viewset Description
CDRS-03 Results
Data Explorer (DX-03) Viewset Description
Data Explorer (DX-03) Results
DesignReview (DRV-04) Viewset Description
DesignReview (DRV-04) Results
Lightscape (Light-01) Description
Lightscape (Light-01) Results
Advanced Visualizer (AWadvs-01) Description
Advanced Visualizer (AWadvs-01) Results
Download Viewperf via anonymous ftp.

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