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New Benchmark for SolidDesigner 

The SPECapcSM project group is working with CoCreate (www.cocreate.com) to develop a benchmark for the company's SolidDesigner CAD/CAM software. Continue to check the SPEC/GPC web site for an update on the availability of the benchmark. 

SolidDesigner is a 3D modeling tool that features what CoCreate calls "dynamic modeling," an architecture the company says offers increased functionality over the traditional history-based modeling approach. Users of SolidDesigner can build a model from scratch or work on a model imported through a direct interface from CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER™ or Unigraphics™. 

The benchmark under development by SPECapc and CoCreate includes six different models, ranging from 55,295 to 316,964 vertices. The models and operations performed are designed to simulate typical SolidDesigner use patterns. All tests run in immediate mode and have Gouraud shading and four lights enabled. Below is a brief description of the six tests:

  • a simple part, (Model 1) replicated 30 times, with a total of 55,295 vertices; 
  • a simple sheet-metal part (Model 2) replicated five times, with 85,245 vertices; 
  • an assembly (Model 3) with 54 parts and 110,959 vertices; 
  • a cell-phone assembly (Model 4) with 12 parts and 66,934 vertices; 
  • a complex assembly (Model 5) with 400 parts and 316,964 vertices; and 
  • a saxophone assembly (Model 6) with 72 parts and 198,591 vertices. 
The Benchmarks

SPECapcSM for Unigraphics V17
****New Benchmark****

SPECapcSM for
Solid Edge V10

****New Benchmark****

SPECapcSM for SolidWorks 2001™

SPECapcSM for 3D Studio MAX R3

SPECapcSM for Pro/ENGINEER˘ 2000i²

Previous SPECapcSM Benchmarks

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