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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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Workstation Performance Characterization Group

The Workstation Performance Characterization (SPECwpc) project group is part of SPEC’s Graphics and Workstation Performance Group (SPEC/GWPG). SPECwpc joins two other benchmarking project groups -- SPECapc and SPECgpc -- operating under the SPEC/GWPG umbrella.

SPECwpc has created a benchmark that measures the performance of workstations running algorithms used in popular applications, but without requiring the full application and associated licensing to be installed on the system under test. The SPECwpc benchmark is easy to install and run, but still rigorous enough to provide meaningful, repeatable data for performance evaluation.

“We're filling a gap in the performance-measurement field for a comprehensive benchmark aimed at professional-level workstations,” says Tom Fisher, SPECwpc chair . “The benchmark combines ease of use with a greater level of performance detail than has been available previously.”

Got code?

SPECwpc is always looking to obtain code and workloads representative of those used in areas such as CAE, digital media and entertainment, finance, health sciences and energy. Among other requirements, the tests need to be scalable, preferably solve large problems, support multiple architectures and be freely available to the public.

For more information on supplying code for the upcoming benchmark, see the workstation benchmark overview.