The GPC Organization

The following organizations are participants in projects under the GPC umbrella:

GPC = member of the GPC Group
PLB = participant in the Picture-Level Benchmark project
XPC = participant in the X Performance Characterization project
OPC = participant in the OpenGL Performance Characterization project

Sustaining Members
3Dlabs OPC Chris Harris +44 178-447-6625 ACCEL Graphics OPC Fred Fisher 408-467-5018 Compaq Computer Corporation GPC,OPC Darrell Commander 281-514-1515 Digital Equipment Corp. GPC,OPC,PLB,XPC 603-881-2804 Dynamic Pictures Inc. GPC,OPC Dinesh Sharma 408-327-9004 ELSA GmbH OPC Peter Wieninger +49 0 241 9177 0 Evans & Sutherland GPC,OPC Tim Powell (OPC) 801-582-5847 Todd Frazier (OPC) 801-588-7984 Fujitsu GPC,OPC,PLB Susan Hunts 408-456-7717 Hewlett-Packard GPC,OPC,PLB,XPC Paul Martin 970-229-2368 Tom Fisher 970-229-6570 IBM GPC,OPC,PLB,XPC Gary Wiseman 512-838-1643 Brian Horton 512-838-2958 Intel GPC,OPC Gene Munce 408-765-4810 Intergraph OPC Dale Kirkland 205-730-6085 Lockheed Martin/Real 3D GPC,OPC Sheila Burgess 407-306-2095 Megatek GPC,OPC Allan Frankel 619-675-4000 Henri Warren 619-675-4000 Microsoft OPC Hock Lee 206-936-8649 San Diego Supercomputer Center GPC Michael Bailey 619-534-5142 Siemens Nixdorf Information Ssysteme AG OPC Wilfried Stehling +49 89-636-4197-5

Silicon Graphics GPC,OPC David Ligon 415-390-3502 John Spitzer 415-933-4760 Sun Microsystems GPC,OPC,PLB,XPC David Leigh 415-786-6695 Kevin Rushforth 415-786-6267 Travis Bryson 415-786-7810 Non-Profit Members

UNC-Chapel Hill All Projects Anselmo Lastra 919-962-1958

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