The GPC News Reporting Rules

The following rules apply to all GPC organizations reporting results in this newsletter.

  1. All submitted systems need an availability date provided with the submission materials. The system must be available within six months of the time results are published.
  2. Results for any published system that is not yet generally available must be republished within one quarter of first customer shipment (FCS). Should the submitting organization not republish new data after FCS, the editor of the newsletter will not republish the results.
  3. If the price for a yet-to-be-released system is available, it must be submitted. If the price is not available, then it will be specified as "N/A." Price/performance will be reported as "N/A" and the system will be sorted as the lowest price/performance. When the price becomes available, it must be submitted for the next GPC News update. The price must be provided within the six-month period for publication of yet-to-be-published systems. If the price is not provided, the system will be removed from the publication, with a note explaining the reason for removal.
  4. All reports require hardware and software levels such that the reported results are repeatable and can be reproduced through public interfaces. All submitted systems must be available for peer review.
  5. Organizations submitting data will be responsible for ensuring that results published in this newsletter can be reproduced.

Note: License agreements (inter-company) shall govern publication of data using components that are not yet generally available.

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