Xmark93 Benchmark Report
© Copyright 1996, Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

Vendor and System NameXmark93 = 5.03
Hardware Configuration (as tested) Test Date: February 1996
Processor Type name List Price as of (mm/dd/yy): price
# of CPUs #
Floating Point type Benchmark Notes
Primary Cache ## KB System State description
Secondary Cache ## KB X11perf Version id
Memory ## MB Xmark Version id
Graphics Identification description
Image Planes# Comments
Display Manufacturer/Model*description
Display Resolution width x height Technical notes pertinent to the Xmark93 tests.
Display Size/Type description
Display Refresh Rate ## Hz
Type of System type
X Server Software Configuration (as tested)
Operating System name
X Window Server name
X Visual Depth/Class description
Client System as Tested System Name
Processor Type name Operating System name
Number of CPU's # X Window Server name
Floating Point type X Transport name
Primary Cache ## KB
Secondary Cache ## KB
Memory ## MB
Network description

The section labeled "Hardware Configuration (as tested)" is a description of the system used to achieve the performance results reported on the page.

The top-right section contains notes telling the reader the test date, the system's list price, whether the system was run in single- or multiple-user mode, and what versions of X11perf and Xmark were used for the tests.

*Consult vendor literature for actual viewable size of monitor.

The "Comments" section lists technical notes pertinent to the Xmark93 performance tests.

The section labeled "Client System as Tested" describes the client system** used to achieve the performance results reported on the page.

**Note that each X client runs on the server system used to achieve the performance results reported.

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