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How to Submit Results from Outside Organizations

Below are guidelines for submitting results from organizations outside of SPEC/GPC.

  1. Contact the SPEC Office (tel. 1-540-349-7878 or to inform us that your company is interested in submitting results. SPEC will provide you with an FTP password and server location in order to submit your result(s). Your company's result(s) will remain on the SPEC/GPC web site for a period of up to one year, depending on which submission season ticket you purchase. All submissions must follow the run rules of the benchmark suite for which results are being submitted.

  2. Each data file submitted must use the following directory structure and naming schemes. If no data is being submitted for a particular benchmark, then the associated directory does not have to be present.

    SPECapc benchmarks
    Directory structure:
    Submission file name: or company_benchmark_vN.tar.z, where "company" is the organization name in lower case, "benchmark" is the name of the specific benchmark, and "vN" is the file version (e.g. sgi_apc_proe2000i2_v0.tar.z and The initial submission is v0. See the SPECapc Run and Reporting Rules for additional benchmark-specific information.

    SPECopc benchmarks
    Directory structure:
    Submission file name:
    The submission file names must contain "opc_v" for SPECviewperf, contain all lowercase letters, and not contain '.' except prior to the zip or tar file extension (e.g. The file version is denoted prior to the file extension. The initial file version is v0. Resubmitted files must incrementally increase the version number. See the SPECopc Run and Reporting Rules for additional information.

    For all submissions, there are no spelling or letter case requirements for the data and summary data files. To insure that data is sorted correctly when listed by vendor, you must capitalize the first letter of the directory name that represents your company name.

  3. Use a date format of mm/yy (e.g. 06/01) in your data files.

  4. Any corrections or changes that need to be made to an organization's submissions must be resubmitted in time to meet the deadline established for the GPC News schedule. To obtain the GPC News publishing schedule, contact the SPEC Office at Minor editorial changes to a result under review (i.e. correcting spelling errors, etc.) can be made by sending a request to Major changes, such as changes to pricing information for example, should be handled via resubmission as described in the benchmark run rules.

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact the SPEC Office (