The SPEC/GWPG Report
Updates on graphics and workstation performance
May 2017


SPECwpc 2.1 update now available

SPECwpc 2.1, a new version of the SPEC workstation performance characterization benchmark, is now available for free downloads to the user community. Sellers of computers and related products who own a vendor license of SPECwpc 2.0 qualify for a free update.

SPECwpc 2.1 fixes an issue that caused the benchmark to crash in the Financial Services section when running Windows 10. The change has led to higher scores for the Financial Services composite number, so those results cannot be compared to results from SPECwpc 2.0.

Meet the SPEC/GWPG chairs

A series of LinkedIn Pulse interviews introduces you to the SPEC/GWPG, SPECapc, SPECgpc and SPECwpc chairs and provides a forecast of what's to come in the graphics and workstation performance world. The four articles in the series include:

  • Ashley Cowart, SPEC/GWPG chair -- From creating special effects for blockbuster films to leading the world's most prominent benchmarking organization for professional graphics and workstation performance.
  • Tom Fisher, SPECwpc chair -- The serial home renovator, skier and cross-country biker who founded and still leads the SPEC workstation performance characterization group.
  • Trey Morton, SPECapc chair -- Punster, miniaturist and literature fan who leads the group that navigates the complex terrain of developing benchmarks running on top of professional applications.
  • Alex Shows, SPECgpc chair -- He helms the SPEC graphics performance characterization group, maker of SPECviewperf, while not running, motorcycling, gaming and being an all-around renaissance man.

Check out more articles on LinkedIn Pulse to find out more about the art and mechanics of 3D graphics and workstation benchmarking.

Free benchmark downloads

Just a reminder that SPEC/GWPG benchmarks -- the worldwide standards for performance evaluation based on professional applications -- are available for free to those who are not computer vendors, suppliers or service providers. Visit our easy-to-use download page and start benchmarking!

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