The SPEC/GWPG Report
Updates on graphics and workstation performance
May/June 2019


SPECapc releases updates
for Windows 10 R5 users

The SPEC Application Performance Characterization Group (SPECapc) has released updated versions of its Maya 2017, NX 9/10 and Solidworks 2017 benchmarks that fix an issue related to Windows 10 R5 program start-up.

The benchmarks are available for free downloading to all but vendors of computer-related products and services that are not members of SPEC/GWPG. Vendors must pay a licensing fee to support SPEC/GWPG benchmark efforts.

One size rarely fits all in apparel or benchmarks

It seems to be human nature to place things into large buckets that fit our preconceptions or simplify our day-to-day lives. But that one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work in apparel or benchmarks.

Our latest article in Jon Peddie Research's Graphic Speak takes you inside the complexities of measuring application-based GPU performance.

When peak storage results just don't cut it

SPECwpc chair Alex Shows says measuring random IO with large block sizes and very high queue depth leads to impressive scores, but it's not representative of what users see when working with real applications. Read more...

The people behind the benchmarks

Read about the people who help make SPEC/GWPG benchmarks special.

Ross Cunniff (right, above), new SPECgpc chair, is a man of many interests, including electric car conversions, photography, CNC machining, and local politics.

Jon Konieczny, SPECgpc vice chair, started as a child on a TRS 80 and now puts his love of tackling problems to work for the benchmarking community.

Check out LinkedIn Pulse for more SPEC/GWPG profiles, technical articles, and opinion pieces.

What do you want to measure?

At SPEC/GWPG we are continuously searching for what graphics and workstation users want to measure. Is there an area of performance or an application you want us to address? Get in touch to let us know.

Members: AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo, NVIDIA

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