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Workstation performance experts gaze into the future

As we approach the new year, there is a lot of looking back and looking ahead. We decided to gaze into the not-too-distant future, asking experts where they think the workstation world is headed in the next five years.

From the explosion of CPU and GPU cores to contiguous high-rez displays to game-changing cloud-based scenarios, find out what's inside the crystal ball.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving

We'd like to take a minute to thank you -- vendors, users, researchers, members -- for helping make 2019 the biggest and best year to date for SPEC/GWPG.

We're on track to set new records for benchmark downloads and sales. Your support enables us to continue developing new and improved tools for performance measurement. Thanks for the valuable gift of your attention and engagement.

How to improve CAD productivity by
measuring true workstation performance

CAD workstations are all doing the same basic things, but it is the way they do those things -- based on the packages they run, the optimizations they provide, the specific models they are building, and the way they render those models -- that adds up to performance differences.

SPECapc chair Trey Morton weighs in on the differentiating factors affecting CAD performance in this exclusive article in Design News.

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