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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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Submission program for those
who are not SPEC/GWPG members

SPEC/GWPG provides opportunities for those outside the organization's membership to have their benchmark results reviewed and, if accepted, posted on the SPEC website.

Here are some reasons why you might want to submit results for review and possible publication on the SPEC website:

  • You will get high visibility on the world’s most popular website for performance evaluation based on professional applications; a site visited by more than 3 million annually.
  • If accepted after peer review, your results will have the increased integrity that comes with meeting SPEC’s widely respected and rigorous standards.
  • Submitting results costs much less than other forms of marketing, and lasts longer, as accepted results can remain on the SPEC website for perpetuity.
  • Your results will be seen by corporate and government CTOs and IT managers who rely on SPEC results as a key component in their decision-making process for purchasing new computer equipment.
  • You will be in the company of the world’s leading suppliers of graphics and workstation components, systems and subsystems.

Publication of a single accepted submission for those who are not SPEC/GWPG members is $1,000. The submission will stay posted on the SPEC/GWPG website for perpetuity. There is a limit of eight non-member submissions per company over a 12-month period. If a company joins SPEC/GWPG, it will receive a credit for all submissions within the 12-month period before becoming a member.

Please note: A paid license is required for any for-profit enterprise that is not a SPEC/GWPG member and is a seller of computers or computer-related products and/or services. This means that any computer product vendor wishing to submit results for the SPEC website must have a paid license for the benchmark under which they are submitting results.

Paid version pricing is $2,500 each for SPECapc benchmarks and SPECviewperf 12, and $5,000 for SPECwpc. Visit the SPEC/GWPG download page for more information or contact the SPEC office at; tel: 703-579-8460; fax: 703-579-8463.

2017 submission schedule