ProCDRS-02 Viewset

The ProCDRS-02 viewset is a complete update of the CDRS-03 viewset. It is intended to model the graphics performance of Parametric Technology Corporation's CDRS industrial design software.

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The viewset consists of ten tests, each of which represents a different mode of operation within CDRS. Two of the tests use a wireframe model, and the other tests use a shaded model. Each test returns a result in frames per second, and a composite score is calculated as a weighted geometric mean of the individual test results. The tests are weighted to represent the typical proportion of time a user would spend in each mode.

The model data was converted from OpenGL command traces taken directly from the running CDRS software, and therefore preserves most of the attributes of the original model.

This viewset uses new features that require SPECviewperf™ 6.1.1.

The shaded model is a mixture of triangle stips and independent triangles, with approximately 281,000 vertices in 4,700 OpenGL primitives, giving 131,000 triangles total. The average triangle screen area is 4-5 pixels.

The wire frame model consists of only line strips, with around 202,000 vertices in 19,000 strips, giving 184,000 lines total.

All tests run in display list mode. The wireframe tests use anti-aliased lines, since these are the default in CDRS. The shaded tests use one infinite light and two-sided lighting. The texture is a 512 by 512 pixel 24-bit color image. See the script files for more information.

Test  Weight  Description 
25  Wireframe test 
25  Wireframe test, walkthrough 
10  Shaded test 
10  Shaded test, walkthrough 
Shaded with texture 
Shaded with texture, walkthrough 
Shaded with texture, eye linear texgen (dynamic reflections) 
Shaded with texture, eye linear texgen, walkthrough 
Shaded with color per vertex 
10  Shaded with color per vertex, walkthrough 

View the sample screen grabs here. (Warning: extremely large images, may take several minutes to load)