Who's on First:

A List of Key Contacts for the GPC Group

Cramblitt & Company
Bob Cramblitt
Michelle Perkins
Erin Hatfield
Tel: 919-481-4599; Fax: 919-481-4639; e-mail: cramco@cramco.com

Responsible for:

SPEC Office
Kathy Powers, GPC Administrator
Tel: 540-349-7878; Fax: 540-349-5992; e-mail: gpcinfo@spec.org

Responsible for:

SPEC Webmaster

Responsible for:

Thomas Fisher
HP Technical Solutions Lab
Tel: 970-898-6570; e-mail: tom_fisher@hp.com

SPEC/GPC chair is responsible for the following:

Project group chairs are responsible for answering any questions posted to the alias through the GPC News.They are also responsible for conducting meetings of their respective groups, and for answering media questions channeled to them through Cramblitt & Company.

Assigned reviewers for each update of the GPC News are responsible for notifying the project group (and, more specifically, Kathy Powers) of the number of new submissions from the vendors for which they are reviewing.