CDRS is Parametric Technology's modeling and rendering software for computer-aided industrial design (CAID). It is used to create concept models of automobile exteriors and interiors, other vehicles, consumer electronics, appliances and other products that have challenging free-form shapes. The users of CDRS are typically creative designers with job titles such as automotive designer, products designer or industrial designer.

There are seven tests specified that represent different types of operations performed within CDRS. Five of the tests use a triangle strip data set from a lawnmower model created using CDRS. The other two tests show the representation of the lawnmower.

The tests are weighted and show the following CDRS functionality:

TestWeightCDRS functionality represented
150%Vectors used in designing the model. Represents most of the design work done in CDRS. Antialiasing turned on to allow the designer to see a cleaner version of the model.
220%Surfaces shown as polygons, but all with a single surface color.
315%Surfaces grouped with different colors per group.
48%Textures added to groups of polygons.
55%Texture used to evaluate surface quality.
62%Color added per vertex to show the curvature of the surface.
70%Same as test #1, but without the antialiasing.

Test #Weight (%)Testing Parameters (Also see default parameters)
150.0-mh mower-wf.msh -rm LINE -cp FRAME -dl -ls -bl -dbf ONE -vz
220.0-mh mower-ts.msh -rm TMESH -cp FRAME -dl -zb -nl 1 -vz
315.0-mh mower-ts.msh -rm TMESH -cp PRIMITIVE -dl -zb -nl 1 -bl -vz
48.0-mh mower-ts.msh -rm TMESH -cp PRIMITIVE -dl -zb -nl 1 -bl -tx flag.mtv -vz
55.0-mh mower-ts.msh -rm TMESH -cp FRAME -dl -zb -nl 1 -txg flag.mtv -te MODULATE -vz
62.0-mh mower-ts.msh -rm TMESH -cp VERTEX -dl -zb -nl 1 -vz
70.0-mh mower-wf.msh -rm LINE -cp FRAME -dl -bl -dbf ONE -vz

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