SPEC/GPC's SolidWorks 98Plus BenchmarkTM

SPEC/GPC's SolidWorks 98PlusTM benchmark is designed to represent a day in the life of a typical SolidWorks 98Plus user. The benchmark was developed by SolidWorks and enhanced by SPEC/GPC's Application Performance Characterization (APC) project group. It is written in Visual Basic and C, and runs on Windows NT and Windows 95 platforms. The benchmark uses different-sized CAD/CAM solid models, the largest of which is a line assembly model with 276,000 polygons.

Five tests are included within the benchmark. I/O-intensive operations, CPU-intensive operations, and three different types of graphics operations are timed based on common user interaction with the models. A single number is derived from a weighted geometric mean of the normalized score for all five tests. Scores are also reported for each of the five individual tests and for the geometric mean of the three graphics tests. Results are normalized to a reference machine (300-MHz Pentium II processor; PERMEDIA 2 graphics processor) chosen by the APC group's membership.

Users must have a 3D graphics display device recognized by SolidWorks 98Plus in order to run the benchmark. A fully licensed, released version of SolidWorks 98Plus is required.

SPEC/GPC's SolidWorks 98Plus benchmark is available for free downloading using a standard browser or ftp.

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