Ad-Hoc Group Continues Exploring
Application-Based Gaming Benchmarks

SPEC/GPC has sponsored two meetings and three teleconferences to explore opportunities for new benchmarks based on popular computer games. An ad-hoc group, led by Dave Salvator of Extreme Tech/ZDnet, has been formed to further discuss game benchmarking and the possibilities of forming a project group within SPEC/GPC. Participants in initial meetings include representatives from 3Dlabs, AMD, ATI, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA and ZDnet. Other organizations and individuals are welcome to participate.

Participants in the group favor application-based benchmarks over synthetic ones. There is a strong preference for benchmarks that go beyond graphics to exercise the entire system, including CPU and I/O. The greatest interest is in benchmarks based on best-selling games within different genres. Repeatability and standardization of run rules, testing environments and results reporting are important considerations. Currently, the group is investigating options for partnering with other organizations that are developing new gaming benchmarks or are interested in doing so.

Future face-to-face and telecon meetings are planned for the new group. Updates will be posted on Those interested in participating in future meetings or discussions can e-mail