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SPEC/GWPG calls for organizations
interested in OpenGL ES benchmarking

SPEC’s Graphics & Workstation Performance Group (SPEC/GWPG) is looking for organizations that are interested in developing standardized, open-source graphics benchmarks for OpenGL ES.

A logical platform for such a benchmark would be SPECviewperf, an already established standard for measuring graphics system performance based on popular OpenGL applications. While best known as a workstation graphics benchmark, SPECviewperf is an open framework that can be adapted to playback traces of graphics paths for hand-held workloads, including those for navigation, GUI, games, viewers and others.

SPECviewperf is developed by SPECgpc, a project group that operates under the SPEC/GPWPG umbrella. SPEC/GWPG does not currently have the resources to pursue graphics performance benchmarking for OpenGL ES, but is open to new groups under its expanded charter.

A graphics benchmarking group for OpenGL ES would have a good start based on 14 years of SPECviewperf development work. SPEC/GWPG has already been able to run SPECviewperf successfully on a mobile device. A new group would need to clean up some functionality for OpenGL ES, select workloads, and package the benchmark.

Graphics benchmarking for OpenGL ES under the SPEC banner would provide the following benefits:

  • A freely available, open-source benchmark that could be downloaded from SPEC’s web site, visited by some 7 million each year.
  • A collaborative, industry-standard benchmark developed with input and consensus from all major vendors.
  • The ability to tap into SPEC’s proven processes to ensure reliability, repeatability and peer review of testing results.
  • Widespread adoption among users and major print and web publications throughout the world.

Anyone interested in a graphics benchmarking working group for OpenGL, please write to or call Bob Cramblitt at 919-481-4599.