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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPEC/GWPG Project Group Membership
Delivers Tangible Business Benefits

Any organization interested in developing standardized benchmarks can join a SPEC/GWPG project group and enjoy the benefits of membership. The two current project groups are the Application Performance Characterization (SPECapc) Group and the Graphics Performance Characterization (SPECgpc) Group. Membership in either or both of the project groups automatically includes membership in the SPEC/GWPG organization.


Members of SPECapc and SPECgpc play a direct role in developing the benchmarks that will become worldwide standards. They also have the tools by which to add credibility to marketing efforts for their products. SPEC/GWPG project group membership provides the following benefits:

  • direct input in developing all releases of benchmark software
  • access to pre-release versions of benchmark software for use in product development and testing
  • publication of unlimited performance results on the SPEC/GWPG web site, visited by some 15 million annually
  • input into determining the planning and future of benchmarks
  • ability to take advantage of the combined work of everyone involved in the SPEC/GWPG consortium
  • access to SPEC/GWPG's review and publication processes that provide credibility for a product's performance results
  • ability to exchange technical information with peers worldwide
  • media attention in major trade publications throughout the year

Membership Fees

An annual membership in a SPEC/GWPG project group, with all the benefits listed above, costs less than a full-page ad in most trade publications. And, it's a membership that keeps delivering tangible rewards throughout the year.

SPECapc -- $2,500 initiation; $7,500 annual dues
SPECgpc -- $7,500 annual dues
SPEC/GWPG Associate (open to qualified non-profit organizations and educational institutions) -- $500 annual dues

Options Outside Membership

Organizations that cannot afford a membership or cannot make the commitment to participate in SPEC/GWPG can still benefit from its credible benchmarking review and publication processes. Play ball with SPEC/GWPG under the ticket plan that's right for your organization!

For More Information...

Contact Kathy Powers, SPEC membership coordinator. Read the GWPG Group Charter.