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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPECapc releases Autodesk Maya 2017 benchmark

All-new software delivers nearly 80 individual tests measuring CPU, GPU interactive, GPU animation and GPGPU performance based on real-world models and scenarios

GAINESVILLE, Va., September 27, 2017 – SPEC’s Application Performance Characterization (SPECapc) project group has released all-new performance evaluation software for systems running Autodesk Maya 2017 3D animation software.

The new benchmark is available for free downloading to everyone except vendors of computers and related products who are not members of the SPEC Graphics and Workstation Performance Group (SPEC/GWPG). Non-member computer product and service vendors can purchase the benchmark for $2,500. SPEC/GWPG members include AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo and Nvidia.

An essential tool

SPECapc for Maya 2017 software includes nearly 80 individual tests that reflect the processes used to model, animate and render scenes within the application. The new benchmark was developed by SPECapc in cooperation with Autodesk, which supplied seven new graphics models and scenes, the largest of which features a realistically textured 1.3GB tiger.

SPECapc for Maya 2017 can be used by Maya 2017 customers to guide purchasing and configuration decisions, and by hardware vendors to optimize performance for systems running Maya 2017. Composite scores are provided for CPU, GPU interactive, GPU animation and GPGPU performance. There is an option to run the benchmark at 4K resolution.

“This is the most comprehensive performance evaluation software ever offered for Maya users,” says Trey Morton, SPECapc chair. "We envision this as an essential tool for anyone concerned about system performance for Maya 2017."

Available now

SPECapc for Maya 2017 is available immediately on the SPEC web site. It is supported on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 10 64-bit platforms. Users must have a licensed or trial copy of Maya 2017 Update 4 to run the benchmark.

About SPECapc

The SPECapc project group was formed in 1997 to address performance evaluation based on popular workstation applications. It is a subcommittee of SPEC/GWPG, which also produces the popular SPECviewperf and SPECwpc benchmarks for measuring graphics and workstation performance. The Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. ( SPEC ) is a non-profit corporation formed to establish, maintain and endorse a standardized set of relevant benchmarks that can be applied to the newest generation of computers.