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SPECapc releases new Solidworks benchmark

GAINESVILLE, Va., August 15, 2018 – SPEC’s Application Performance Characterization (SPECapc) project group has updated its performance evaluation software for systems running Dassault Systemes' Solidworks CAD/CAM application. The benchmark is designed to run on Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit platforms.

The SPECapc for Solidworks 2017 benchmark consists of nine graphics and two CPU tests. The graphics tests use three Solidworks view settings -- RealView, ambient occlusion, and shadows -- in combination with shaded and shaded-with-edges display styles. The CPU tests perform tessellation and PhotoView360 rendering. Ten models are included in the benchmark, with the largest comprising 4.75-million triangles.

The benchmark features order-independent transparency (OIT), a methodology for quickly displaying transparency, and full-scene anti-aliasing (FSAA) for higher-quality visuals. It can be run with either default anti-aliasing (edges/sketches only) or with FSAA. Individual scores are generated for each test and composite scores are computed for graphics and CPU performance.

"The new benchmark is a powerful tool for anyone interested in determining performance characteristics for systems running Solidworks 2017," says Trey Morton, SPECapc chair. "Vendors can use the software to optimize performance for systems running Solidworks 2017 and users can use it to make better-informed decisions when buying and configuring workstations."

Available now for downloading

The SPECapc for Solidworks 2017 benchmark is available for immediate download on the SPEC website ( under a two-tiered pricing structure: free for the user community and $2,500 for sellers of computers and computer-related products. SPEC/GWPG members receive benchmark licenses as a membership benefit.

About SPECapc

SPECapc was formed in 1997 to address performance evaluation based on popular workstation applications. Current members include AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo, and Nvidia. SPECapc is part of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC), a non-profit corporation formed to establish, maintain and endorse a standardized set of relevant benchmarks that can be applied to the newest generation of computers. For more information, visit: .


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