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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPECapc for 3ds Max™ 2015 is performance evaluation software for systems running Autodesk 3ds Max 2015. The benchmark was introduced on August 13, 2014. The benchmark requires that users have a working version of 3ds Max 2015 with Service Pack 1 applied.

SPECapc for 3ds Max 2015 is available for immediate download under a two-tiered pricing structure: free for non-commercial users and SPEC/GWPG members, and $2,500 for commercial entities. Commercial entities are defined as organizations using the benchmark for the purpose of marketing, developing, testing, consulting for and/or selling computers, computer services, graphics devices, drivers or other systems in the computer marketplace.

SPECapc for 3ds Max 2015 contains 48 tests for comprehensive measurement of modeling, interactive graphics, visual effects, CPU and GPU performance.

Features in the latest SPECapc benchmark are keyed to upgrades in 3ds Max 2015, including new DirectX 11 shaders and vector maps, Nitrous viewport enhancements, and new dynamics and visual effects. The benchmark also improves run-to-run consistency and results reporting.

Benchmark results are derived by taking the total number of seconds to run each test and nomalizing it based on a reference machine, in this case a Dell Precision 690 workstation with 2.0-GHz Intel Xeon 5130 processor, 4 x 4GB FB-DIMM DDR2 SDRAM (ECC) memory, NVIDIA Quadro Q600 graphics card, and Western Digital 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive. The normalization process ensures a scoring system where a bigger score is better. Composite scores are reported for CPU, GPU and large-model (city scene) performance.

The benchmark can be run at 4k and HD resolutions, and at different anti-aliasing levels: 0xAA (default), 2x, 4x, and 8x AA.   These represent very different workloads so the end results are segregated into different sections on the results summary page.    The results are first sorted by screen resolution, then AA level. 

Recommended memory is 16GB and the benchmark is supported only on systems running the Microsoft Windows Win7 64-bit operating system. SPECapc for 3ds Max 2015 results cannot be compared with those for previous versions of the benchmark.

SPECapc for 3ds Max 2015 performance tests:

Test0541 Architecture Basic - Interactive Graphics

Test0410 Brutal Flower - Multiple Object Stress - Interactive Graphics

Test0040 Building Flyby - Advanced Visual Styles

Test2040 FishFlock Smooth - Advanced Visual Styles

Test0400 Max Hardware Light Test - Interactive Graphics

Test0622 HugeFish Smooth - Interactive Graphics

Test0625 HugeFish Rotate - Interactive Graphics

Test0340 IK Group - Interactive Graphics

Test0323 Opacity Performance - Blended - Interactive Graphics

Test0390 Particle Tests - Interactive Graphics

Test0531 UnderWater Animation - Advanced Visual Styles

Test0140 Moving Blended Lights - Interactive Graphics

Test0600 SpaceFlyby Wireframe - Interactive Graphics

Test0601 SpaceFlyby Smooth with Edges - Interactive Graphics

Test0602 SpaceFlyby Smooth - Interactive Graphics

Test1510 SpiderWalk - Playback - Interactive Graphics

Test0044 Brutal Flower - Advanced Viewperf - Advanced Visual Styles

Test2010 MeshSmooth-Polygon Spaceship Advanced Visual Styles

Test8020 Building City - Large Model CPU

Test8030 Moving City - Large Model GPU

Test0050 Changing Color Test - Modeling

Test0070 SubObject Vertices - Modeling

Test0100 Extrude Faces - Modeling

Test0110 Bevel Faces - Modeling

Test0041 Gizmo Transforms - Move - Modeling

Test0042 Gizmo Transforms - Rotate - Modeling

Test0043 Gizmo Transforms - Scale - Modeling

Test0370 Create Tank Scene - Modeling

Test0210 Softbody Objects - Flag - Advanced Visual Styles

Test0121 Vertex Soft-Selection - Modeling

Test0130 Multi-SubObject Texturing - Modeling

Test0125 Create Textures - CPU Computing

Test1000 Radiosity - CPU Computing

Test1500 SpiderWalk - Create Walk Cycle - CPU Computing

Test1070 Quicksilver-Green Apples Basic - GPU Rendering

Test1075 Quicksilver-Green Apples Advanced - GPU Rendering

Test1090 Quicksilver - Army Camp - GPU Rendering

Test1100 Quicksilver - Chess Basic - GPU Rendering

Test1105 Quicksilver - Chess Advanced - GPU Rendering

Test1110 Quicksilver - Chess Short - GPU Rendering

Test1120 Quicksilver - Chess DOF - GPU Rendering

Test1520 SpiderWalk - Quicksilver Render - GPU Rendering

Test1085 Mental Ray - Train Engine - CPU Rendering

Test1095 Mental Ray - Army Camp - CPU Rendering

Test1115 Mental Ray - Chess Short - CPU Rendering

Test1040 UnderWater - CPU Rendering

Test1060 UnderwaterEscape - CPU Rendering

Test0542 Architectural Advanced Styles - Advanced Visual Styles

In addition to its member companies, SPECapc thanks Autodesk for contributing content and expertise to this benchmark, and to independent animators who created models, including Mike O’Rourke of Fritz Studio (, Andy Murdock of Lots of Robots (, Gary M. Davis of visualZ (, and Zack Baker.