SPEC/GWPG reveals roadmap at SIGGRAPH 2017

(August 1, 2017) -- In conjunction with SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles, SPEC/GWPG announces its plans for major benchmark releases in the upcoming months. Current SPEC/GWPG members are AMD, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Intel, Lenovo and Nvidia.

SPECapc for Maya and SolidWorks

SPECapc is putting the final touches on an all-new benchmark for users of Maya 3D animation software. SPECapc for Maya 2017 will exercise the major functionality within Maya, generating scores for eight models running in a wide range of graphics modes. Composite scores are calculated in four categories: GPU interactive, GPU animation, GPGPU and CPU. The new benchmark is expected in the Fall timeframe.

An updated SPECapc for SolidWorks benchmark is expected to be completed shortly after the Maya benchmark. It will incorporate updated datasets representing prominent new features in SolidWorks 2017.

Major version of SPECviewperf

SPECviewperf 13, with a projected completion date in late 2017, is an all-new version of the popular software for measuring the graphics performance of professional workstations. It will feature new viewsets representing Creo, Maya, energy and medical applications. Updated viewsets will represent 3ds Max, CATIA, NX, SolidWorks and possibly a simulation application.

Major version of SPECwpc

An all-new version of the SPEC workstation performance benchmark is slated for release shortly after SPECviewperf 13. SPECwpc 3.0 will include new and updated viewsets from SPECviewperf 13; workloads for updated versions of Blender, Handbrake and Luxrender; new storage tests; new GPU workloads for Blender, Luxrender and Folding@Home; and a Caffe deep learning workload based on the LeNet solver training program.

Model from the upcoming SPECapc for Maya 2017 benchmark.


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