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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPECgpc Project Group Overview

The Graphics Performance Characterization (SPECgpcSM) organization began in 1993 as SPECopc (OpenGL Performance Characterization), an ad-hoc project group aimed at establishing graphics performance benchmarks for systems running under the OpenGL application programming interface (API). The group joined the SPEC in the summer of 1994. In 2007, the group expanded its charter to include graphics performance benchmarks running under any API.

The non-profit SPECgpc project is providing unambiguous methods for comparing graphics performance across vendor platforms, operating systems, and windowing environments. The intention of the SPECgpc group is to characterize graphics performance for computer systems running professional applications, not overall graphics performance.

Defining Performance

The SPECgpc group has established the following goals to define performance:

  • To permit standardized performance measurement and evaluation by creating unambiguous, vendor-neutral measures for product evaluation and comparison.
  • To provide mechanisms that enable vendors, customers and others to perform their own performance measurements and evaluations.
  • To provide formal beta and final software releases to the public in a timely fashion..
  • To contribute to the coherence of the field of performance measurement and evaluation so that vendors will be better able to present well-defined measures, and customers will be better able to compare and evaluate vendors' products and environments.


The SPECgpc project group develops and distributes SPECviewperf®, which measures the 3D graphics performance of systems running under OpenGL, DX and eventually other application programming interfaces (APIs).

Structure and Membership

The SPECgpc project group is a non-profit group whose general costs are paid primarily by membership fees or dues. Any company, individual, institution or other group can become a sustaining member at any point in the development phase by remitting these dues. The project group will put in place and maintain an appeals process through which any interested or affected party may register and have heard a complaint concerning committee action or inaction. The principles of due process and antitrust compliance are adhered to by the project group at all times.

Find out more about the benefits of SPECgpc membership, how you can take advantage of the project group's review and publication process, or how to help develop a SPECgpc benchmark. For specific queries, e-mail SPECgpc.