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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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Previous SPECopcSM Benchmarks

By downloading any of the following benchmarks here, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the terms of the SPECopc License Agreement.

SPECviewperf® 7.0

     Download for Microsoft Windows .exe file 302,009,358 bytes 
     Download for UNIX .tar.gz file 296,441,146 bytes 

*SPECviewperf® 6.1.2

     InstallShield for Microsoft Windows .exe file 55,863,930 bytes 

    Link for UNIX / Linux Users
*SPECglperf® 3.1.2
     InstallShield for Microsoft Windows .exe file 2,283,528 bytes 

    Link for UNIX / Linux Users

Current SPECopcSM Benchmarks