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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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Bug in SPECwpc 1.x affects Energy and Medical scoring

Due to a bug that affects the way clipping planes are handled, benchmark scores for the energy-01 and medical-01 datasets of SPECwpc V1.2 and earlier are abnormally high in some cases. Specific tests that have shown this anomaly include energy-01 tests 5 and 7 and medical-01 tests 5 and 10. The scores for energy-01 tests 5 and 7 have shown to be affected by systems with K5000 and W7000 graphics cards and above; the effect increases with the overall performance level of the card. Scores for all graphics cards, except for low-end ones, are affected in the two medical-01 tests, and the score differential increases with the overall performance level of the graphics card. All other tests within the Energy and Medical categories are valid, and can be used for performance comparisons across all configurations.

No other datasets within the SPECwpc V1.x suite are affected by this bug, so individual test scores and composites can be compared on an apples-to-apples basis for these tests and composites. Even with the bug, valid comparisons can be made for the Energy and Medical tests if system configurations use the same graphics card. Results for a system containing a K6000 card, for example, can be compared to any other configuration containing a K6000 card. Finally, in internal testing by SPECwpc members and for submissions on the SPEC website, the bug has affected the overall composite scores in the LifeSci and Energy categories by less than 5%.

The SPECwpc group apologizes for any problems this issue has caused. Please send any questions or issues to: