<b>SPEC</b> JVM Client98 Help Running from the command line

You can run all the benchmarks from the top level directory, one at a time, via the command:

java SpecApplication [size] benchmark

Be sure that you have the top level benchmark directory included in your CLASSPATH. If you are using UNIX and the Bourne (sh), Korn (ksh), or similar shell, you can do this with the shrc file.

cd top_level_directory
. ./shrc

Be sure you don't set your CLASSPATH to load classes locally and then attempt to run as an applet from a web server. The benchmarks will run, but will not comply with the run rules and so the metrics will not be reportable. See Common Problems.


  java SpecApplication _202_jess
Run a (100% size) execution of Jess
  java SpecApplication -s10 _201_compress
Run a 10% size execution of compress
  java SpecApplication -s100 _224_richards
Run a 100% size execution of Richards

You can also run multiple benchmarks by specifying each name. E.g.,

  java SpecApplication _208_cst _202_jess
Run a (100% size) execution of Jess

The command line options are:

Usage: java [JVMoptions] SpecApplication [options] [_NNN_benchmark]
-a            Perform autorun sequence on a single selected benchmark
-b            Non-interactive execution controlled by parameter settings
-c            Create new validity check files
-d<number>    Delay <number> milliseconds between benchmark executions
-g            Garbage collect in between benchmark executions
-m<number>    Set minimum number of executions in autorun sequence
-M<number>    Set maximum number of executions in autorun sequence
-n            Turn on file input caching
-p<number>    Set thread priority to <number>
-P<number>    Set autorun improvement threshhold (hundreths of a percent)
-s<number>    Set problem size to <number>, 1, 10, or 100
-u<filename>  Specify <filename> property file instead of props/user