<b>SPEC</b> JVM Client98 Help Reporting Results

Setting up Email Information

Benchmark results are sent by email to an address specified by spec.testx.emailTo in the user configuration properties file, or you may override that address and enter a new address in the "Mail to" field of the results window.

Report Button

The Report button on the main window displays the results window.

Results Window


The results window initially displays an abbreviated summary of your test results so far - just the execution time of each successful benchmark run. You can copy from this text area and paste into a text file if your system supports it.

Double check the "Mail to" field to make sure you are sending the results to an appropriate recipient. Typically you would mail results to yourself and format and review them before sending them to others.


Press the Calculate button to display SPEC ratios for your runs. This calculation is done only for size 100 runs. This gives you a quick idea of how your results work without going to the trouble of mailing the results and formatting a report.


Press the Full button to view all the benchmark results and statistics. Usually you do not need to worry about reading this data, as the reporting page generating program reads and formats it for you. If there were errors in some of your benchmark runs, this is one place you can look for indications of what the problem was.

If you cannot resolve problems with mailing benchmark results to yourself to generate reporting pages, you can copy the full results from this window, paste them into a text editor and save them to disk.

Saving Results

You may most conveniently archive test results in your mail system. Save a single results email message to a text file in order to process the results and generate a reporting page. You don't need to remove the mail headers because the reporting page program will ignore them.

If you cannot send your results as email, e.g. if you have no SMTP server on your test lab network, then you may copy the results from the Full result display, paste them into a text editor window, and save them from there.

Generating Reporting Pages

Run the Reporter program from the command line.

java spec.reporter.Reporter [options]

Typical usage would be


java spec.reporter.Reporter -j class -r result -o result.html -v

Options are:

Do NOT echo raw results properties in HTML output
default: raw results inserted as HTML comments
-j Codebase
Display graph with Java applet
default: none (use GIF graph instead)
-o Output_file
Output file for generated HTML
default: written to System.out
-r Results_file
File containing a SPEC results file.
May be in a mail message with mail headers.
default: read from System.in
-S SpecDir
SPEC installation directory (to read templates)
default: current directory
Verbose. List extra spec.testx.* properties
default: extra properties are not reported

Publishing at SPEC

You are not required to publish test results on the SPEC web site www.spec.org but you may do so whether or not you are a SPEC member. There is a fee for each results page published by non SPEC members. For more information on publishing results or on joining SPEC, send email to info@spec.org.

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