Legal Notices, SPEC OMP2012


Copyright © 2001-2012
Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC)

This media contains benchmarks acquired from several sources who understand and agree with SPEC's goal of creating fair and objective benchmarks to measure computer performance.

The source code and tools are provided to the user or company under the license agreement for the SPEC Benchmark Suite for this media.

Regarding the SPEC License

The SPEC license contains the terms and conditions of your agreement with SPEC and must be carefully read before opening the benchmark program and accompanying documentation (collectively identified as the "materials"). The license represents the entire agreement between you and SPEC concerning the materials. This supercedes any prior proposal, representations or understanding between the parties. By opening the package containing the materials, you have accepted the terms of the license, including that of properly following the SPEC Run and Reporting Rules.

Other Licenses

Note that in some cases programs which have been licensed to SPEC for distribution with SPEC OMP2012 are also available separately under other licenses, such as the GNU GPL, the QPL, or a commercial license. Some individual files on this distribution may carry notices that mention their original license rather than their SPEC license. Notwithstanding such notices, you are hereby informed that all files on the SPEC OMP2012 benchmark are covered by SPEC's license, unless specificallly noted otherwise in the file redistributable_sources/licenses/README.txt