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SPEC CPU95 Configuration Files

The files below are optionally provided by the vendors to be examples of how to use the SPEC tools to optimize their CPU95 results.

Note: some of the settings in these configuration files are usually specific to certain system features and may not be optimal in all cases. They are provided here as a service to our customers, and are not meant to represent the last word in processor performance.

Further information about the particulars of any flags used can be obtained directly from the vendor.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory   -  
[TXT]Siemens-960802.conf 1997-03-17 20:15 8.6K 

Naming Convention

The file names are in the form of VENDOR-YYMMDD.conf where VENDOR is the name of the vendor, and YYMMDD represents the year, month, and day that that vendor provided the flag description.

Because a single configuration file is often used for a number of results often over a period of months, the best way to select the correct flag descriptions is to look for the most recent file from the appropriate vendor that is near or prior to the Test Date listed near the top of the results page(s).