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SPECfp95 8.92
SPECfp_base95 8.09

Benchmark # and Name Reference Time Base Run Time Base SPEC Ratio Peak Run Time Peak SPEC Ratio
101.tomcatv 370036610.128612.9
102.swim 860056115.341320.8
103.su2cor 14003194.393244.32
104.hydro2d 24005324.515224.60
107.mgrid 25004046.193906.41
110.applu 22003536.233516.27
125.turb3d 41004109.9940310.2
141.apsi 21002717.742618.05
145.fpppp 960051318.752518.3
146.wave5 30004257.053039.90
SPECfp_base95 8.09
SPECfp95 8.92

Tester Information:
SPEC License #: 5
Tested By: Motorola, Urbana, Illinois
Test Date: Jan-97
Hardware Avail: Dec-96
Software Avail: Dec-96

Hardware Information:
Model Name: MVME2604-2161
CPU: 200 MHz PowerPC 604e
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPU(s): 1
Primary Cache: 32KBI+32KBD on chip
Secondary Cache: 256KB(I+D) off chip
Other Cache: None
Memory: 256MB 50ns EDO ECC
Disk Subsystem: 2 GB
Other Hardware: MVME2604 installed in XR chassis
MVME2604-2161 is equivalent to XR604E-1S0F-214 and XRECCDRAMSFF

Software Information:
Operating System: AIX 4.1
Compiler: IBM XL Fortran Version 3.2.4
KAP for IBM Fortran Version 3.2.0
VAST/2 for IBM Fortran Version 5.4.3
File System: AIX/JFS
System State: init level 1


CFP95 Baseline Optimizations:
-O3 -qarch=ppc -qtune=604 -lmass 

CFP95 Peak Optimizations:
101.tomcatv: -O3 -qarch=ppc -qhsflt -qpdf1/2  
-bnso -bI:/lib/syscalls.exp -Pv -Wp,-me 
102.swim:    -O3 -qarch=ppc -qnofold -qhsflt -qtune=604 
-Pk -Wp,-ag=ab,-o=5,-fuse,-ur=5,-ur2=40 -lmass 
103.su2cor:  -O3 -qarch=ppc -qtune=604 -lmass -qhsflt
104.hydro2d: -O -qarch=ppc -qtune=604 -qnofold -qhssngl -qpdf1/2
-Pk -Wp,-ag=a,-o=5,-fuse,-ur=5 -lmass -lblas
107.mgrid:   -O3 -qarch=ppc -qhsflt  -bnso -bI:/lib/syscalls.exp 
-Pv -Wp,-ea478 -qpdf1/2
110.applu:   -O3 -qarch=ppc -qhsflt -qhot -Q=300 -bnso 
125.turb3d:  -O3 -qarch=ppc -qtune=603 -qhssngl -lmass 
141.apsi:    -O3 -qarch=ppc -qtune=604 -qhsflt -qnosave 
-Pk -Wp,-ur2=133,-ag=a -lmass
145.fpppp:   -O3 -qarch=ppc -qtune=604 -qhssngl -lmass
-Pk -Wp,-ag=a,-ur=2
146.wave5:   -O3 -qarch=ppc -qtune=604 -qhssngl -qnosave -Q
-Pk -Wp,-ag=a,-ur=5,-ur2=600 -lmass 

IBM MASS library available from IBM ftp site:

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