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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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CPU'95 Example Report Page

The SPEC Reporting Page constitutes a full disclosure of the benchmark results. The intent is to capture everything necessary to describe the system and its result in such a way that someone else can recreate the test environment and get substantially the same result.


This is an example of what a SPEC disclosure looks like. The black boxes correspond to annotations listed below.

Result Page


A: Results Section
This is a table of all of the individual measurements and metrics. All of the relevant measurement data points are listed here, and then at the bottom of this section are the calculated means.
B: System Configuration
This section describes the system and the configuration used to run the benchmark. The items here include a description of the system's processors and cache, and a detailing of how the system was configured, including any software used.
C: Availability
Near the top of the page is information about when the system as tested was (or: will be) generally available.
D: Sponsor
Also near the top of the page, is information about who ran the tests, where, and when. All test sponsors are bound by license agreement to publsih results only in accordance with SPEC's run and reporting rules; the license holder has the responsibility that all the rules have been followed.
E: Graph
A graphical display of the data in the results section. There is no significance to the ordering of the bars, just their relative sizes. The line running across the bars represents the overall mean value.
F: Notes Section
All details about options used and other features necessary to replicate the results are described here.