SPECweb96 Result


SPEC has determined that this result was not in compliance with the SPECweb96
run and reporting rules.  Specificly, the result did not meet the 6 month
availability requirement in the SPECweb96 run rules due to a change in
availability of Microsoft Windows 2000.


 Dell Computer Corp. : PowerEdge 6350/500               ||   NC       SPECweb96
 Microsoft : IIS 5.0 and SWC 2.0                        ||

   Throughput   Response
     ops/sec      msec
       NC          NC
       NC          NC
       NC          NC
       NC          NC
       NC          NC
       NC          NC
       NC          NC
       NC          NC
       NC          NC
       NC          NC


                          General Availability Dates

 Hardware            Mar-99
 Operating System    Oct-99
 HTTP Software       Dec-99

                               System Hardware

 Vendor              Dell Computer Corp.
 Model               PowerEdge 6350/500
 Processor           500MHz Pentium III Xeon
 # of Processors     4
 Primary Cache       16KBI+16KBD on chip
 Secondary Cache     2MB(I+D) off chip
 Other Cache         None
 Memory              4GB
 Disk Controllers    1 Adaptec Ultra-SCSI
 Disk Subsystem      3 9GB 10K RPM Drive
 Other Hardware      4 Alteon ACEswitch 180

                               System Software

 Operating System    Windows2000 Advanced Server
 Other Software      None
 File System Type    NTFS

                                HTTP Software

 Vendor              Microsoft
 HTTP Software       IIS 5.0 and SWC 2.0
 # of "threads"      1
 Server Cache        Microsoft Scalable Web Cache 2.0
 Log Mode            Binary CLF


 # of Controllers    4
 Network Controller  Alteon ACEnic PCI
 # of Nets           4
 Type of Nets        Jumbo Frame Gigabit
 Network Speed       1000Mb/s
 MSL (sec)           30
 Time-Wait (sec)     60

                               Load Generators

 # of Generators     17
 # of Processes Each 22
 Model               Dell Precision 410
 Processor           450MHz PentiumII
 # of Processors     2
 Memory              128MB
 Network Controller  Alteon ACEnic PCI
 Operating System    Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP4
 Compiler            Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0

                            Benchmark Configuration

 Max Requested Load  14500
 Max Fileset Size    2631

                                 Test Sponsor

 Tested By           Dell Computer Corp.
 License Number      55
 Test Date           Jul-99


                                Network Notes

<> Each ACEswitch 180 connects one card in the SUT and 4 or 5 clients.
<> MTU size = 9000 bytes.

                                 Other Notes

<> IIS settings: listen port 80, no logging, maximum performance.
<> IIS Home Directory: Access for Read and Directory Browsing Allowed only, Application Settings permissions "none".
<> Network interrupts affinitized one NIC per CPU.
<> One 9GB 10KRPM disk for OS and pagefile, 2 9GB 10KRPM disks striped for web pages and logs.
<> Registry Settings:
<> - Tcpip/Parameters/MaxHashTableSize=0x10000, sets TCB hash table size to 65,536 entries, default is 512.
<> - Tcpip/Parameters/TcpTimedWaitDelay=0x3c, sets TIME_WAIT parameter to 60 seconds (non-RFC 1122), default is 240.
<> - Tcpip/Parameters/MaxFreeTwTcbs=976000, sets maximum number of TIME_WAIT tcbs to 976,000.
<> - Tcpip/Parameters/MaxSendSegments = 0x1000, sets maximum TCP segments sent consecutively to a destination, default 64.
<> - Tcpip/Parameters/NumTcbTablePartitions = 32, sets number of independent TCB table segments, default 4.
<> - NDIS/Parameters/ProcessorAffinityMask=0, forces processor that handled interrupt to also handle that DPC, default is any processor.
<> - Inetinfo/Parameters/ObjectCacheTTL=0, sets IIS object cache timeout to 0 seconds, default 10 minutes
<> - Inetinfo/Parameters/OpenFileInCache=0, sets number of open files in object cache to 0
<> - Inetinfo/Parameters/MaxPoolThreads=1, sets pool threads per processor, default is 10
<> - Inetinfo/Parameters/PoolThreadLimit=4, sets total pool threads per system to 4
<> For each Alteon NIC:
<> - Altndis(X)/Parameters/SendCoalMax=80, sets number of send buffer descriptors in send ring, default 333.
<> - Altndis(X)/Parameters/RecvCoalMax=20, sets number of frames received before notifying host, default 333.
<> - Altndis(X)/Parameters/SendCoalTicks=1000, sets number of microsec. before send buffers are returned to host, default 2.
<> - Altndis(X)/Parameters/RecvCoalTicks=1000, sets number of microsec. before recv buffers are given to host, default 2.
<> - Altndis(X)/Parameters/JumboFrames=1, enables Jumbo Frame support.
<> Alternate HTTP/HT.c used.  Repeated client-side calls to gethostbyname() omitted, as approved
<>  by SPEC.  No change in measured server performance but reduction in client load.


First published at SPEC.org on 03-Aug-1999