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Dell Inc. : Dell Compellent FS8600 v2 - Single Appliance
SPECsfs2008_nfs.v3 = 131684 Ops/Sec (Overall Response Time = 1.68 msec)


14011 0.3
28044 0.6
42013 0.8
56173 1.0
70476 1.6
84315 2.5
98730 2.9
113249 3.0
126760 3.4
131684 3.8
Performance Graph

Product and Test Information

Tested By Dell Inc.
Product Name Dell Compellent FS8600 v2 - Single Appliance
Hardware Available July 2013
Software Available July 2013
Date Tested May 2013
SFS License Number 55
Licensee Locations Round Rock, TX

Fluid File System (FluidFS) provides scale-out network attached storage (NAS) leveraging Dell's primary storage arrays for backend block storage. FluidFS is a fully virtualized, distributed clustered file system that avoids the architectural limitations of traditional scale-up file systems. It scales performance, capacity and block vs. file needs independently while maintaining industry-leading TCO. High performance is driven by advanced caching algorithms, intelligent front and back-end load-balancing, an advanced metadata architecture and small and large-file optimizations. The FS8600 is a dual controller appliance used in conjuction with Dell Compellent Storage Center to provide CIFS/NFS access to a single virtualized pool of storage.

Configuration Bill of Materials

Item No Qty Type Vendor Model/Name Description
1 1 NAS Appliance Dell NAS-FS8600-10GBE FS8600 10GbE dual controller NAS appliance
2 2 Storage Controller Dell CT-SC8000-BASE SC8000 storage controller
3 4 Disk Enclosure Dell EN-SC220-1235 SC220 2U 24 2.5" drive 6Gb SAS enclosure
4 4 Fibre Channel Card Dell IO-F8X2S-E-LP-D 2-port 8Gb FC low profile PCI-E card
5 4 SAS Card Dell IO-SAS6X4S-E2-D 4-port 6Gb PCI-E SAS card
6 6 Disk Dell 400GB SLC SSD 400GB SLC SSD 2.5" Drive
7 30 Disk Dell 1.6TB eMLC SSD 1.6TB eMLC SSD 2.5" Drive
8 1 Software Dell SW-CORE-BASE Storage Center base software license
9 3 Software Dell SW-CORE-EXP Storage Center software expansion license
10 1 Software Dell SW-DAPR-BASE Data Progression base license
11 3 Software Dell SW-DAPR-EXP Data Progression expansion license
12 2 Fibre Channel Switch Brocade 300 24 port 8Gb FC switch

Server Software

OS Name and Version FluidFS v2.0.7
Other Software SCOS 6.4-pre
Filesystem Software FluidFS

Server Tuning

Name Value Description
Storage Center volumes write cache disabled Disable write cache for SAN volumes presented from Storage Center
Storage Center datapage size 512KB Page size for Storage Center volumes

Server Tuning Notes


Disks and Filesystems

Description Number of Disks Usable Size
Storage Center #1 36 19.6 TB
Total 36 19.6 TB
Number of Filesystems 1
Total Exported Capacity 19.5TB
Filesystem Type FluidFS v2.0.7
Filesystem Creation Options Default NAS Volume with Unix security style
Filesystem Config The SC8000 Storage Center system was configured with 36 drives, 6 SLC and 30 eMLC drives, configured in one disk pool. The SC8000 presented four 5TB LUNs to the FS8600 appliance.
Fileset Size 16402.4 GB

Storage Center SAN volumes were configured with defaults except changing the page size to be 512KB and were thinly provisioned. Data was configured to be written to the default write level of RAID10.

Network Configuration

Item No Network Type Number of Ports Used Notes
1 10GbE with jumbo frames 4 10GbE SFP+ copper

Network Configuration Notes

All four of the 10GbE Ethernet ports were connected to the client network for client traffic.

Benchmark Network

Each load client had two ports connected to a single switch. Each client communicated with the FS8600 cluster via two subnets. The FS8600 cluster presented one NFS export from one NAS volume through all NAS controllers on all client network ports on both subnets.

Processing Elements

Item No Qty Type Description Processing Function
1 4 CPU Intel Xeon Quad-Core. 2.40GHz FS8600 NAS processors (NFS, file system, networking)
2 4 CPU Intel Xeon Six-Core 2.5GHz SC8000 SAN processors (SCSI, FC, SAS, RAID)

Processing Element Notes

Each NAS appliance has two controllers and each NAS controller has two quad-core processors. Each SAN controller has two six-core processors.


Description Size in GB Number of Instances Total GB Nonvolatile
FS8600 memory backed by integrated BPS system 24 2 48 NV
System memory and read cache for SC8000 controllers 16 2 32 V
Grand Total Memory Gigabytes     80  

Memory Notes

Stable Storage

The write cache memory within each FS8600 is protected by internal battery and mirrored to a peer before write operations are acknowledged back to NFS clients. Write cache in the SC8000 is normally protected by a capacitor backed cache card, but write cache was disabled for this testing meaning all writes were commited to disk before being acknowledged..

System Under Test Configuration Notes

System under test consisted of one FS8600 appliance in a cluster (an appliance having two controllers) providing a single distributed file system leveraging block storage from a single SC8000 Compellent Storage Center. The block storage space from the SC8000 was combined into a single NAS pool and one NFS export was created on one NAS volume. Client connections were equally distributed across both NAS controllers in the FS8600 cluster.

Other System Notes

Test Environment Bill of Materials

Item No Qty Vendor Model/Name Description
1 8 Dell R620 Dell 1U server dual Quad-Core 2.9GHz 64GB RAM
2 1 Dell S4810 Dell Force10 48-port 10GbE Switch

Load Generators

LG Type Name Linux clients
BOM Item # 1
Processor Name Intel Xeon Quad-Core E5-2690
Processor Speed 2.90
Number of Processors (chips) 2
Number of Cores/Chip 4
Memory Size 64 GB
Operating System CentOS 6.3 2.6.32-279.11.1.el6.x86_64
Network Type Intel X520 dual-port 10GbE

Load Generator (LG) Configuration

Benchmark Parameters

Network Attached Storage Type NFS V3
Number of Load Generators 8
Number of Processes per LG 64
Biod Max Read Setting 2
Biod Max Write Setting 2
Block Size 256

Testbed Configuration

LG No LG Type Network Target Filesystems Notes
1..8 Linux Client 1 /spec/nfs Export on subnet A
1..8 Linux Client 2 /spec/nfs Export subnet B

Load Generator Configuration Notes

All eight load generators functioned equally to write to one NFS export across two 10GbE ports each defined on two separate subnets.

Uniform Access Rule Compliance

Each LG hosted 64 processes which accessed the single file system utilizing all FluidFS NAS controllers and NICs in an even manner. The FluidFS file system is distributed evenly across all NAS controllers and Storage devices.

Other Notes

Block size for NFS mount configured to 256KB.

Config Diagrams

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