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Huawei : Huawei OceanStor 9000 Storage System, 10 nodes
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50019 1.6
100216 1.6
150371 1.8
200463 2.0
251104 2.1
301238 2.2
351789 2.5
402905 2.0
453866 2.4
506126 2.5
Performance Graph

Product and Test Information

Tested By Huawei
Product Name Huawei OceanStor 9000 Storage System, 10 nodes
Hardware Available July 2013
Software Available October 2013
Date Tested October 2013
SFS License Number 3175
Licensee Locations Chengdu Research Institute U9
Huawei Chengdu Base, No.1899, Xiyuan Avenue, Hi-tech Western District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province,

The Huawei OceanStor 9000 is a Big Data storage product. Applicable industries include broadcasting media, satellite mapping, genetic research, energy exploration, scientific research and education. With a distributed architecture, the OceanStor 9000 supports seamless scale-out from 3 to a maximum of 288 nodes. All nodes are symmetrically arranged in the OceanStor 9000. The OceanStor 9000 supports on-demand hitless scale-out, which increases capacity and performance linearly. The OceanStor 9000 offers up to 40 PB in a single file system. Such massive scalability helps maximally reduce your CAPEX and TCO while enabling the OceanStor 9000 to optimally adapt to your changing storage requirements.

Configuration Bill of Materials

Item No Qty Type Vendor Model/Name Description
1 10 Storage Node Huawei OceanStor 9000 P-Node OceanStor 9000 high performance node(P-Node), including slots for 25 2.5 inch storage devices.
2 60 200GB SSD Huawei Disk drive HSSD 200GB SAS disk solid state Drive(2.5").
3 190 900GB SAS Disk Huawei Disk drive 900GB 10K RPM SAS Disk Drive(2.5").
4 1 10GE network switch Huawei Cloud Engine 12800 switch Huawei Cloud Engine switch with 400 10GE ports

Server Software

OS Name and Version Huawei OceanStor 9000 V100R001C00
Other Software Huawei OceanStor Integrated Storage Management-NV100R001C00
Filesystem Software WushanFS

Server Tuning

Name Value Description
nfsd number 64 The number of NFS threads has been increased to 64 by editing /proc/fs/nfsd/work_threads.
NFS_MOUNTD_THREAD_NUM 8 The maximum number of concurrent mount threads the server can handle simultaneously.
tcp_mem 94371840 Socket buffer sizes for the 10GE ports.
tcp_rmem 94371840 Socket receive buffer sizes for the 10GE ports.
tcp_wmem 47185920 Socket send buffer sizes for the 10GE ports.

Server Tuning Notes


Disks and Filesystems

Description Number of Disks Usable Size
200GB SSDs 60 10.9 TB
900GB SAS drives 190 154.4 TB
Total 250 165.3 TB
Number of Filesystems 1
Total Exported Capacity 169240 GB
Filesystem Type WushanFS
Filesystem Creation Options Default
Filesystem Config Reed-Solomon (8 + 1)
Fileset Size 58600.8 GB

Each P-Node has 6 200GB SSDs and 19 900GB SAS disks. 10 P-Nodes in a single filesystem including both SSDs and SAS disks are set up for this test. The WiseTier software dynamically recognizes hot files and migrates them between the SSDs and the SAS disks. Hotspots are stored on the SSDs and colder files on the SAS disks. File data for a given file is striped across 9 nodes. Reed-Solomon erasure coding (8 + 1) is the default protection level for an OceanStor 9000 10-node system. +2 and +3 protection levels are also available.

Network Configuration

Item No Network Type Number of Ports Used Notes
1 10 Gigabit Ethernet 20 There are 2 10GE network ports used per OceanStor 9000 P-Node for internal connection, with MTU size 9000.
2 10 Gigabit Ethernet 10 There is 1 10GE network port used per OceanStor 9000 P-Node for external connection, with MTU size 1500.

Network Configuration Notes

All network interfaces were connected to the 10GE network switch(Huawei CE12800).

Benchmark Network

For each client, 4 10GE interfaces are bonded to one port, with MTU size 1500.

Processing Elements

Item No Qty Type Description Processing Function
1 20 CPU Intel Six-Core Xeon Processor E5-2420, 1.9GHz, 15MB L3 cache WushanFS, NFS, TCP/IP

Processing Element Notes

Each of the OceanStor 9000 nodes has 2 physical processors, each processor with 6 physical cores. Hyperthreading is enabled, yielding 24 hardware threads per node.


Description Size in GB Number of Instances Total GB Nonvolatile
OceanStor 9000 Node System Memory 96 10 960 V
NVDIMM Non-volatile Memory on PCIe adapter, used to provide stable storage for writes not yet committed to disk. 2 10 20 NV
Grand Total Memory Gigabytes     980  

Memory Notes

Each OceanStor 9000 node has main memory for the operating system and filesystem data. A separate, NVDIMM module is used to provide stable storage for writes not yet committed to disk.

Stable Storage

The NVDIMM in each OceanStor 9000 node stores and journals writes until they can be flushed to the disks. Each NVDIMM has a capacitor and 2GB flash. Data in the NVDIMM is flushed to flash using capacitor power when node power fails. In the event of capacitor failure, data is written to disks on a write-through basis.

System Under Test Configuration Notes

The system under test consists of 10 2U OceanStor 9000 P-Nodes. Each P-Node has 3 10GE ports connected to a 10GE switch. One port is used for external connections; the other two are used internally.

Other System Notes


Test Environment Bill of Materials

Item No Qty Vendor Model/Name Description
1 2 Huawei Tecal RH2285 48GB RAM Server running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1

Load Generators

LG Type Name Tecal RH2285
BOM Item # 1
Processor Name Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5620
Processor Speed 2.4 GHz
Number of Processors (chips) 2
Number of Cores/Chip 4
Memory Size 48 GB
Operating System SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1
Network Type 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Load Generator (LG) Configuration

Benchmark Parameters

Network Attached Storage Type NFS V3
Number of Load Generators 2
Number of Processes per LG 900
Biod Max Read Setting 2
Biod Max Write Setting 2
Block Size AUTO

Testbed Configuration

LG No LG Type Network Target Filesystems Notes
1..2 LG1 10 Gigabit Ethernet Single filesystem named /fs N/A

Load Generator Configuration Notes

All clients are connected to the single filesystem through all OceanStor 9000 storage nodes.

Uniform Access Rule Compliance

Each load-generating client hosts 900 processes. The assignment of processes to network interfaces is done such that they are evenly divided across all network paths to the OceanStor 9000 storage nodes.

Other Notes


Config Diagrams

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